Mohammed Nazzer Hamzah

BSc, Information System & Software Engineering, Oxford Brookes University

Permaculture Design Certified

Master NLP Practitioner and a certified adult trainer (ACTA certification

Mohammed Nazzer heads the Technology and Urban Farming units at Cangkul Zen. He has over 22 years of professional experience in IT management, project management, service delivery & product/business development where he focuses on the full spectrum of IT operations; system topology, databases, network, telephony, security, application development, ERP, ITIL best practice as well as Governance and Compliance. He has in-depth experience in regional & global end user support, Vendor/System Integrator management environment. He has engaged with ERP and green field projects related web & mobile application development & physical server environment to private cloud consolidation projects for MNC such as SGS, IBM, Novartis, Hewlett Packard. In the media and advertising sector, Nazzer served in the Technology Division, MediaCorp, Singapore’s leading broadcasting organization where he managed the streaming and media delivery services to support MediaCorp’s cloud advanced services business.


Damar Osman .

MSC In Islamic Finance, I N C E I F University

BSc, Accounting & Finance, Deakin University

Damar has significant experience leading transformation programs at banks and insurance companies with an emphasis on Wealth Management, Risk Management, Compliance, and Leadership.


As a Financial Services Director at AIA, he has worked extensively with clients on strategy, growth, organization, and operational improvement issues.


Damar also provides regular feedback to group management on setting overall strategic direction, managing transition, building effective leadership teams, and driving added value.


He is a former Member of the Hall of Honour of AIA and served as an Education Chairman for Financial Services Managers of Singapore and has groomed more than 60 young advisors before leaving the industry in 2018.


He is a passionate supporter of a wide range of social impact activities, particularly related to sustainability. He is particularly interested in impact investing and Islamic Wealth Management in the Islamic Finance industry.


Nurshahid Bin Selamat

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